What’s in a name?

Browell Smith & Co recognise that there may be times throughout a person’s life where they may need to change the most significant part of their identity – their name. This can happen for a variety of reasons, divorce, death, personal preference and much more.

Our team are very aware that there is a significant body of information, particularly on the internet, which can often make it difficult for people to understand the relevant processes to ‘do it yourself’.

Here at Browells, we aim to provide clear and concise information and assistance for those seeking to change their name.

In England and Wales, there are broadly three methods for changing your name with some nuances depending on your age and requirements. The methods for changing your name include:

  • Deed Poll;
  • Statutory Declaration; or
  • Change of Name Deed

Our team are highly experienced in this area and able to advise and assist in the preparation of these documents. We strongly advise that you obtain tailored legal advice in respect of your change of name. We can advise you on the best method for changing your name, timescales, prospects of the change being accepted by other agencies such as your Bank, GP Practice, Passport Office and much more.

We are often able to provide fixed fees for the preparation of your change of name documentation, which includes the advice! If you need to change your name, please contact the Family Law Department on: 0191 691 3418.

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