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Searches or Surveys – what’s the difference?

Posted at 2.13pm on 14th August 2015

This is a question that we are asked quite regularly and when purchasing a property there can be some confusion over what is required and who is responsible for obtaining these. Hopefully this guide will help remove some of the confusion; Obtaining a Survey At Browell’s we would strongly recommend that you consider having an…

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Affordable Housing – new 5 year plan announced

Posted at 2.09pm on 14th August 2015

More than 260,000.00 affordable homes have been completed in the UK since April 2010. The UK Housing Minister, Brandon Lewis, has recently confirmed that there are plans to provide at least a further 275,000 affordable homes within the next 5 years. Recent figures show that nearly 60,000 affordable homes were delivered in the last year.…

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Noise Induced Hearing Loss – The Myth

Posted at 2.14pm on 23rd February 2015

It has recently been reported in a major newspaper (link below) that an insurance company has alleged that industrial deafness claims have quadrupled and they have asked a for a crack down on “spurious claims”. Much of the recent reforms in Personal Injury over the last 18 months seems to have come at the request…

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When is a Fixed Rate Loan not a Fixed Rate Loan?

Posted at 2.15pm on 14th January 2015

More than 60,000 small businesses in the UK have fallen victim to banks selling fixed rate business loans with a secretly embedded swap. In spite of banks being aware of forecasts of a big fall in long term interest rates they aggressively sold these fixed rate loans on the basis that interest rates would sky…

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Noise Induced Hearing Loss – The Time Limits

Posted at 2.35pm on 6th January 2015

Platt v BRB – Time Limits in Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims A recent Court of Appeal ruling has offered new guidance on the “date of knowledge” for the purpose of arguing the time limits for bringing a claim for Noise Induced Hearing Loss. In this case, the Court had to consider the extent to…

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The state of our pavements

Posted at 2.37pm on 16th December 2014

The condition of our roads and pavements, known collectively as ‘highways,’ is often the source of debate and consternation. Many highways contain defects, including uneven, worn or rocking flagstones and potholes, some worse than others! Sadly, those who literally fall foul of these defects can sustain serious injuries, including fractures or serious soft tissue injuries.…

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New Recruitment

Posted at 2.41pm on 11th December 2014

INTERNAL VACANCY The following vacancy has arisen within the firm: Full Time Litigation Clerk (35 hrs a week) – Litigation Department (£17,500.00 per annum) Location – Annitsford, Cramlington. The successful candidates will be working across the litigation department which will involve Taking new Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Enquiries Carrying out initial funding advise/interviews in…

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Stamp Duty Reforms – How will the changes affect you?

Posted at 2.40pm on 11th December 2014

What is Stamp Duty? Most people may not know what stamp duty is, as the most common time you may have to pay stamp duty is when you buy a property. You pay stamp duty land tax (SDLT), but it’s commonly known as stamp duty. This is a tax charged by the Government on nearly…

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Pre Nuptial Agreements – Should I get one?

Posted at 2.40pm on 11th December 2014

Although Pre-nuptial agreements have traditionally been associated with wealthy celebrities they are now becoming more popular with couples in the UK. So why should they be used and how effective are they? Pre-nuptial agreements are useful financial planning tools that document how married couples and civil partners would like their property to be divided in…

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