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Browell Smith & Co Solicitors experienced and dedicated family law team can advise and assist you with pre and post-nuptial agreements and advise you of their benefits.

Pre- and post-nuptial agreements are becoming more common in modern marriages and can give great peace of mind to all parties. We assist clients in the drafting of such agreements which can determine in advance how their assets will be shared should they separate.

Clients who approach us to advise them realise that by making those decisions now would reduce the financial and emotional trauma of divorce, should it ever happen. This enables both parties to move on and, where necessary, ensures their children are provided for.

Whilst such agreements might sound un-romantic they can be a relevant issue for those that have been married before and who are bringing assets to a second marriage, and also to business owners to reduce the risks to their business should the marriage end in divorce.

Although it is currently the legal position that pre-nuptial agreements do not remove the jurisdiction of the court, a landmark Supreme Court decision in 2010 has given pre-nuptial agreements far more “decisive” weight. In February 2014 the Law Commission further recommended that pre-nuptial agreements should be legally binding in divorce settlements once the needs of the separating couple and any children have been taken into account.

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Victoria Lant

Solicitor & Head of Family Law

What is a pre-nuptial agreement? 

A pre-nuptial agreement, or most commonly known as a ‘pre-nup’ is entered into before marriage – this allows a couple to financially plan if their marriage was to ever breakdown.

What is a post-nuptial agreement? 

A post-nuptial agreement is for people who are already married (or in a civil partnership) and are made after the marriage has taken place. The purpose of a post-nup is to record the agreement reached between a couple as to what will happen with their finances should the marriage ever breakdown.

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