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Professional Negligence Claims

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At Browell Smith & Co we specialise in claims against solicitors and other legal professionals for professional negligence where a personal injury claim or a medical negligence claim has been negligently handled.

All legal professionals have a duty to apply reasonable care and skill when instructed on personal injury and medical negligence claims. Occasionally things go wrong and the legal professional’s work falls below the standard expected.

As a result of this failure, the injured person may suffer financial loss. If your personal injury or medical negligence claim has been settled, and you believe that you have received a substandard service, we could help you pursue a claim for Professional Negligence against your lawyer.

Dawn Bagley

Solicitor - Director of Personal Injury & Medical Negligence

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Associate Solicitor - Personal Injury

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Costs Director and Solicitor

Angela Rowney

Solicitor - Medical Negligence

Hayley Watson

Legal Clerk - Personal Injury

Kirsty Dockerty

Legal Clerk - Personal Injury & Medical Negligence

Philip Browell

Solicitor & Senior Director

Michelle Thomson

Associate Solicitor - Medical Negligence

Jennifer Craven

Associate Solicitor - Medical Negligence

Lindsey Henderson

Senior Associate Solicitor - Medical Negligence

Professional Negligence Compensation Claims

Examples of how your personal injury lawyer can be negligent in pursuing your claim include:

  • Failing to start court proceedings within the three year time limit for making a claim
  • Finalising your claim without obtaining all the correct evidence
  • Failing to appreciate the severity of your injuries
  • Settling a case without all the information
  • Not properly assessing an injury or head of claim
  • The claim has failed or been put at risk by the actions of the solicitor
  • Not sending in the documentation within the given timescales

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A professional negligence claim enables you to seek the shortfall in your compensation or be compensated for the lost chance of bringing a claim.

At Browell Smith & Co our expert lawyers have the specialist knowledge needed of the law relating to professional negligence. They combine this with an understanding of the evidential issues that can be encountered in high-value and complex personal injury and medical negligence claims.

If you consider that you have received negligent service or if you are unhappy with the quality of legal advice you are currently receiving, please contact us.

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