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Living Together Agreement 

It is a common misconception that cohabiting couples have the same rights as married couples. There is no such thing in English law as “common law marriage”. Cohabitation disputes can be extremely complicated and the law develops continuously to keep up with the modern family.

In order to avoid lengthy and complex disputes between the parties on separation then couples should consider entering into a Cohabitation Agreement (also known as a living together agreement).

At Browell Smith & Co Solicitors our family law team has extensive experience in drafting and advising on such agreements. We have solicitors’ offices in Newcastle, Cramlington, Ashington, and Sunderland, and can see you at a time to suit you.

Cohabitation agreements are especially important where one person is bringing to the relationship a property or a higher financial contribution. Regularly, the couple’s parents will provide financial contribution to a property purchase in their joint names and will want to safeguard those funds should the couple separate.


What a cohabitation agreement can cover

Our dedicated and experienced family law team advise on all aspects of the law relating to cohabitation. You can rely on our expert advisers to listen, support, and help achieve the best possible outcome for you. Here is just an insight into what could be included in a living together/ cohabitation agreement: 

  • How rent, mortgage or household bills are paid 
  • Finances, for example, what happens to joint bank accounts or pensions
  • Property and assets which were bought while living together or owned before
  • Arrangements for children
  • Next of kin rights
  • Pets

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Victoria Lant

Solicitor & Head of Family Law

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