Asbestos Related Conditions

How to claim asbestos compensation

Here at Browell Smith & Co, we have helped thousands of victims and their families claim for Asbestos Compensation in the UK.

Thousands of workers have been unknowingly exposed to asbestos, often found in shipyards, railways and factories. The use of asbestos has now been banned for over 20 years, but record numbers of people are still dying from asbestos exposure.

Asbestos is the largest cause of work-related fatalities in the UK, with the deadliest effect in the North East of England. Symptoms typically take years to appear, which can make the claims process challenging for the sufferer and their family.

An asbestos-related diagnosis can be difficult to process, so we understand that making a compensation claim may be the last thing on your mind. We recommend speaking to a solicitor as quickly as possible because there are time constraints for this type of claim.

Normally you have three years to start your asbestos claim from the time you are diagnosed with an asbestos-related condition. In some cases, family members only become aware a loved one has suffered from an asbestos-related illness after their passing, in which case it is possible to claim on their behalf.

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Why use Browell Smith & Co to make an asbestos exposure claim?

Browell Smith & Co personal injury solicitors have extensive experience working with complex asbestos cases, working for many years on behalf of those suffering with asbestos-related injuries.

During this difficult time, you will need an experienced law firm; one that you can trust to deal with your case sympathetically while also fighting to secure the compensation you and your family deserve.

Browell Smith & Co will handle your claim sensitively and professionally; we will take care of the details while you come to terms with the effects from the diagnosis.

Our personal injury solicitors have recovered compensation for many victims of asbestos-related injuries from the North East and throughout the UK. Our experts have also assisted UK residents who have been exposed to asbestos in other countries, including those from the USA, Canada and Europe.

Asbestos-related injuries can have devastating effects, so as well as seeking to secure compensation for our clients we also seek to ensure necessary aids and adaptations for their lifetime. The combination of our breadth of experience and specialist medical experts ensure we deliver outstanding service levels to our clients.

We take a sympathetic, client-first approach and will treat your health as an absolute priority, concentrating on restoring you as closely as possible to the condition you were in before the accident.

What asbestos-related illness can I claim for?

You can claim if you have been diagnosed with one of the following asbestos-related diseases:

What do I need to do if I want to make a claim?

Time is of the essence. If you get in touch with Browell Smith & Co today, one of our specialist personal injury team will be able to take you through the information-gathering process, focus on your family’s needs and handle the claims assessment procedure.

Speak to us and we will provide you with a checklist of information you may need. DO NOT WORRY if you do not have everything to hand as we will be able to assist you where needed.

Begin your claim by requesting a call-back from our specialist personal injury team today.

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