Holiday Nightmares – How to avoid them

With the Summer holidays about to begin the Family Team at Browell Smith and Co wishes everyone a very happy Holiday.

As a consequence of the pandemic the vast majority of us have been unable to take a holiday abroad and, this summer, we are free to do so without the need for costly testing.

Can one parent take a child abroad without other parents’ permission?

It is important of course to remember that, if you are a separated parent, you must seek the permission of the other parent with parental responsibility before taking your children abroad. This is true unless you have an order from the Court, which grants you this permission.

We would advise you to seek permission from the other parent sooner rather than later and have their consent in written format in order to avoid any issues if possible.

It is a common misconception that you cannot abduct your own children. If you leave the country without the consent of the other Parent then that is exactly what you are doing and is a criminal offence.

We strongly advise that once permission is obtained, then as a matter of courtesy details in respect of the length of the holiday, flight details and where the children will be staying during their holiday, are shared with the other parent to include emergency contact details.

If permission is refused, then an application to the Court may be necessary.

Expert Family Law Solicitors

If you need advice and assistance in respect of this area or indeed any issues in respect of children arrangements then please do not hesitate to contact the Family Law Team at Browell Smith and Co Solicitors. Our experts will listen to you, explain your options and work with you towards the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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