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What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation can be a cost-effective and non-confrontational way to resolve family problems without the need to go to court.

Browell Smith & Co Solicitors has close working relationships with mediators so that a referral can be made quickly on your behalf to see whether your case would be suitable. Our highly-experienced and dedicated team can provide you with guidance, assistance and support through the mediation process.

If you are already in the mediation process but wish to have a second opinion or advice on a likely settlement then we can advise you appropriately and constructively.

If an agreement is reached at mediation then we can ensure the agreement is drafted accordingly into a legal document. It is important to know that agreements reached at mediation are not legally binding and therefore independent legal advice is essential. We are there to assist you if the process breaks down and advise you on the next steps.

We work in partnership with local mediators including Family Mediation North East to offer tailor made cost limitation packages that support the mediation process.


What is Family Arbitration?

Family Arbitration is another method of dispute resolution in which a chosen third party “family arbitrator” makes a decision about your finances or children matters where you are unable to so.

Like a judge in court, a family arbitrator ensures relevant facts and pieces of evidence are collected in order to make a decision based on this evidence. The arbitrator will also consider your views on what the outcome should be, as well as those of your partner. The arbitrator’s final decision is a binding ruling, known as an “award”.

It is therefore essential that each party has their own legal representation in this process which is an alternative route to the court process. Our family law team has experience of representation in the arbitration process from beginning to end.

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Victoria Lant

Solicitor & Head of Family Law

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