Six-figure payout for forklift driver following accident at work

A forklift truck driver has been awarded a six-figure payout after an accident at work.

Colin Smith’s fingers on his left hand were crushed when they became trapped between a metal trolley and the track it was running along. Mr Smith’s employers, Hawthorn Timber Ltd, accepted liability immediately, as the accident occurred because of faulty equipment.

Following the accident Mr Smith had to give up his job and he also now suffers from a condition called complex regional pain syndrome. This means he suffers severe pain, changes in the skin and swelling.

Mr Simpson told “It’s like a weight lifted off our shoulders, having the case finally settled.

“Although there are still some doubts about the long-term medical problem, we can finally get our family life back on track.

“It has been a terrible ordeal for the family. My wife Kerry had to take on extra hours at the hospital to support us, but our solicitors were a godsend. They supported the whole family and helped us get interim payments so we could survive.”

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