It’s not all doom and gloom: Nuptial Agreements

It is often said that pre or post-nuptial agreements are one of the most unromantic things a couple can do.

Here’s the truth, it’s actually one of the most open, honest and constructive things a couple contemplating marriage or indeed a married couple can do.

Such agreements promote certainty and ultimately trust by fostering good communication through open dialogue and full and frank disclosure.

It is not all about negativity and looking for an ‘escape’.

Legal Advice for Nuptial Agreements

Here at Browells, our Family Law Team strongly recommend seeking advice on the practical and legal benefits of such agreements. There can be nothing more divisive than acrimonious financial negotiations following the breakdown of a relationship. At Browells we strive on behalf of our Clients to keep the acrimony out of uncoupling but that relies on the human element: the parties Co-operation to properly negotiate, which we encourage. We recognise that emotions can often run high post-separation. It is therefore always in yours, your child’s, your spouse and families interests to avoid the pain and costs of financial proceedings.

Planning for the future with a pre or post nuptial agreement isn’t a bad thing. It is about giving yourself certainty and avoiding unnecessary pain later on. You, as a couple, take control of your future.

What are Nuptial Agreements?

Nuptial agreements are living documents; they can be entered into before or after the marriage, subject to the absence of duress. They can be amended and should be reviewed as you grow, both as spouses, and as a family.

If you are planning to marry or indeed are already married but wish to give your family some certainty, contact us today. We will carefully consider what works best for you and your family and provide you with an Agreement that meets those needs.

As always, we are here for you and your family for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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