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Loss Of Capacity Solicitors

When a loved one loses the ability to make decisions about their own affairs, it is an emotionally draining experience enough, without the prospect of dealing with complicated legal matters.

At Browell Smith & Co we understand that our clients want the peace of mind to know that they are the ones who will be making the decisions of their loved ones, rather than anyone else.

One way of doing this is to apply to the Court of Protection so you can make those decisions on their behalf.

You can apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed as your loved one’s deputy to enable you to access their bank accounts, pay their bills and sell their property if, for example, money is needed to fund long term care.

You can also apply to the Court of Protection for the authority to make decisions about the care and treatment your loved one receives.

Applying to the Court of Protection can be a daunting prospect. At Browell Smith and Co our specialist solicitors can handle the application process for you from start to finish, ensuring you are informed every step of the way.

If you or your loved one have been recently diagnosed with a degenerative condition you or your loved one may still have the capacity to make decisions. If this is the case a Court of Protection application may not be necessary.

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