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Legal Support With Occupational Diseases

When things go wrong in the workplace, you need to know your case is being handled by the experts.

Work related conditions can arise as a result of exposure to dangerous substances or through poor systems and procedures. At Browell Smith & Co we understand the difficulties that can arise when seeking compensation from an employer, which is why we have a dedicated disease solicitors with specialist knowledge in this area of law. You and your family can be rest assured that we understand your working background and the condition for which you are seeking compensation.

Our extensive experience in recovering compensation for all types of conditions ensures you know your case is in the right hands.

At Browell Smith & Co we have dedicated disease teams with lawyers who specialise in:

• Asbestos related disease

• Occupational cancers

• Pneumoconiosis

• Silicosis

• Solvent exposure compensation

• Occupational asthma

• Hand/arm vibration syndrome/vibration white finger

• Carpal tunnel syndrome associated with excessive vibration

• Work related upper limb disorders

• Noise induced hearing loss

• Dermatitis

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