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We do not live in a perfect world and relationship breakdowns are a sad fact of life.

They are very often extremely difficult and emotional times for all involved and especially when there are children involved.

At Browell Smith & Co we appreciate that our clients need clear, uncomplicated and cost-effective advice to help them reach the solutions that are right for them and their family.

Our expert legal team has a wealth of experience in this field, but also understands the difficulties clients face and that every client and their family are unique. We listen and provide clear advice and help.

Whether you are considering separating, already separated but not ready to dissolve your civil partnership or ready to consider civil partnership dissolution then we are here to help.

We can advise you on the options available to you and your family to resolve the problems you are dealing with. These options include not only legal solutions but also practical solutions and support available to you.

We believe that it is important that our clients are in control of their matter and we can proceed at a pace suitable for you.

We can assist in many ways from providing forms and guidance, to completing forms or fully representing you so you do not need to worry.

For more information or if you would like to speak with one of our specialist solicitors then please contact us.

Costs and working with us

When you first contact our family team, we will discuss your situation by email or telephone to explore how we can help you.

The next step is to arrange a meeting. This can be face-to-face, or by telephone or Skype. We will send you our terms of business setting out clearly our charges in writing before we meet you. We offer an initial fixed cost legal advice session to enable you to obtain quality legal advice tailored to your situation. This session will enable us to advise you on future costs, timescales and the best way to move your case forward.

We will follow up the session with written advice to you.

We are dedicated to our clients and feel that it is essential that we are up front and honest about our costs. We pride ourselves on being transparent with no hidden charges.

There are many ways that we can help you and the following cost options will be considered and agreed with you where possible:

Fixed costs

Full service representation

Pay as you go/additional advice as things progress

Assistance at Court packages to help support you if you choose to represent yourself in court

Assistance at mediation package to help support your process at mediation

Legal drafting of agreements reached at a fixed cost

We additionally work with litigation funding organisations who provide finance to enable you to fund a court case. We will work through the application process and explain the terms on which a loan may be offered.

You may also be able to seek a Legal Services Order from the court to secure your legal fees to be met from the other party. We will discuss with you whether this would be an appropriate course of action for you.

 To view our expert’s profiles, visit Heather Armstrong & Gemma Iceton.

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Civil Partnerships FAQs

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