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Legal Support With Care Home Fees

Whether you or a loved one are paying, or about to pay, for care or nursing home services, there are a few funding issues you should consider.

The first of which is: Should you be paying?

Browell Smith & Co have a specialist team which can guide you and your family through the many issues surrounding care home fees, particularly with regards to the NHS Continuing Care policy.

For example:

If you are resident in a nursing home you may be paying fees that should be met by the NHS.
NHS Continuing Care is FREE regardless of your financial circumstances. If it can be established that you have a primary need for health care then you may be eligible to claim. It is possible to reclaim fees that should not have been paid and refunds can be substantial. (For example if you have been paying fees of £500 a week just a 6 month refund could result in a payment of £13,000).
If you have significant physical or mental health problems and it can be established that you have a primary need for health care then you may be eligible to claim.
You can still ask for a review of a resident’s care needs after their death.
As with the majority of health matters, this is an often an emotional area of law where sensitivity and care is paramount. You can trust Browell Smith & Co to handle your claims in a professional manner to ensure the results you deserve.

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