Construction Firms Fined for Unsafe Removal of Asbestos

The Health and Safety Executive have reported that a construction company and a property management company have both been fined after failing to manage asbestos safely during a refurbishment of a former office block in Stockport. 

Materials containing asbestos along with general waste had been discarded from the property, on and before 2 August 2018, and were spread across the roof of a one storey part of the block. Some of the materials had also fallen onto a car park area below that was not segregated from passing members of the public. There was a failure to identify whether a survey had been undertaken ahead of the work in a reckless manner resulting in two employees being exposed to asbestos fibres.

Speaking after the hearing, HSE Inspector Phil Redman said: “These risks could so easily have been avoided by acting on the findings of the asbestos survey and carrying out correct control measures and safe working practices. Companies should be aware that HSE will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action against those that fall below the required standards.”

Unfortunately, asbestos remains the biggest cause of work-related deaths in the UK, with symptoms often taking years to develop. This can make seeking compensation difficult and distressing for the sufferer and their family.

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