Mr G

We were instructed by Mr G, from Whitley Bay, in May 2015, in relation to a claim for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), commonly referred to as Vibration White Finger.

In or around October 2013 Mr G began to experience numbness in his fingers. His symptoms increased over a period of time to include episodes of tingling and numbness, with his fingers turning white, particularly in cold weather.

He had been exposed to a number of vibratory tools as a factory worker from 2005 to the end of 2013. As part of his job, he had used tools such as pneumatic shears, electric grinders, circular saws and sand blasters on a daily basis.

While he had never been diagnosed, Mr G was concerned his symptoms were that of HAVS

On the basis of his symptoms, coupled with his level of exposure to vibratory tools, we considered his case had sufficient prospects of success. It was apparent his former employees had never carried out a risk assessment to identify that his use of vibratory tools may cause HAVS, or provided warnings to employees regards the risk of using vibratory tools for excessive periods of time.

A claim was submitted against Mr G’s former employees who denied responsibility on the basis that they did not consider his role was one that exposed him to vibratory exposure that would give rise to HAVS.

We proceeded to obtain medical evidence from a recognised vascular surgeon who diagnosed Mr G with HAVS/VWF. We were then able to obtain supportive witness evidence from former colleagues of Mr G.

Armed with this evidence, Browell Smith & Co began court proceedings and made the insurers acting for his former employers an offer to settle Mr G’s case.

We were able to agree compensation of £8,000 for Mr G.

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