Mr B

Mr B was the manager of a public house. He was making his way down stairs to the cellar to change a barrel when he stepped on a packet of crisps, discarded by a fellow employee, and fell, sustaining serious injury.

He suffered a broken ankle and was in a cast for 10 weeks. Once out of the cast, he developed a blood clot and was unable to work.

A claim was made against the pub owners for a breach of the appropriate workplace regulations, in particular, in failing to operate a safe system of work or to ensure an adequate system of inspection.

Thanks to the work of Browell Smith and Co, the insurers for the pub admitted responsibility for the accident. Mr B was examined by the appropriate medical expert and we were able to recover £7,000 on his behalf.

Mr B was very happy, not only with the exceptional service provided by Browell Smith and Co, but also the amount recovered on his behalf

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