Mr B

We were instructed by the family of the late Mr B after he fell down stairs due to a loose handrail.

As a result, he sustained a fracture to his hip. Unfortunately Mr B’s father passed away shortly after the accident due to an unrelated condition.

A claim was made on behalf of the estate of the late Mr B against the company responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the stairs. They initially denied responsibility on the basis that there was minimal movement in the handrail and no maintenance had been required to the steps in the previous two years.

It was necessary to apply to court for the defendants to produce documents to support their position. Once we were in receipt of the documents it was apparent the documents contradicted the defendant’s stance.

The defendant subsequently sought to enter into negotiations, making an initial offer of £2,500.

The expert legal team at Browell Smith & Co were able to secure £5,000 in full and final settlement for the estate of Mr B, much to the satisfaction of the family.

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