Do you know your rights as a pillion passenger?

As a pillion passenger, you have no control over a motorbike and so you will almost certainly be able to bring a claim that has sufficient prospects of success. Most pillion passenger claims occur due to the inadequacy of the motorcyclist.

Motorcyclist Accident Claims

If you have sustained injuries as a pillion passenger you may be entitled to make a motorcyclist accident claim. The following points below must be implemented, failure to adhere could warrant a successful claim.

  1. As a pillion passenger, you should have been given an appropriate helmet to wear, one that is approved by the British Standards Authority.
  2. The driver should ensure your feet can touch the footrests.
  3. The pillion seat must be secured and fit for purpose.
  4. A method of communication whilst in transport should be agreed between both you and the driver, this may even be a hand signal.

If you were a first-time pillion passenger the motorcyclist should ensure that you have been explained the potential dangers that may occur when riding as a pillion passenger. The law regarding pillion passengers also states that learner drivers must not carry pillion passengers, however, this is often not taken into account with many accidents occurring as a result of learner drivers having first-time pillion passengers on inadequate seats.

Pillion Passenger Accident Claims

Not all pillion accidents are caused by the driver of the motorcycle, some may be caused by other road users or pedestrians, and some may even be caused due to the road being in bad repair. Should any of these situations apply to you, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries as well as any financial losses.

Financial losses can include, damaged clothing and personal effects such as mobile phones, your helmet and other equipment. Loss of income as result for having time off work, costs of medication or treatment that you may require, care received from friends and family, even if you did not pay for it (gratuitous care), travel costs to medical examinations and many other heads of losses.

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