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Rehabilitation, therapy and support

Rehabilitation is an important part of any personal injury or medical negligence claim because rehabilitation allows the victim to access specialist medical treatment and rehabilitation support quickly, which in many cases helps the injured person to recover faster.

Not having to worry about the costs of rehabilitation aids and support also helps many people to recover quicker.

For someone who has suffered from serious injuries after an accident or a medical mistake often face a long recovery, and sadly for some they may never be as they were before the life changing incident occurred. In serious injury claims, which are also known as catastrophic injury claims, it is common for compensation settlements to include covering the costs of rehabilitation support ranging from specialist medical treatments, rehabilitation aids and support services, and adaptions being made to the home, the workplace and to vehicles.

The person making the claim should be aware that this relies on getting an agreement from the insurance company of the person or party at fault for the accident or incident that caused serious injuries.

This usually happens when they admit responsibility for the accident and then we can make arrangements to put rehabilitation in place. This usually happens as a joint process between our Solicitors and the insurance company Solicitors. In claims where the other side deny liability we can incorporate it into the claim to secure a fair settlement for the injured person.

Rehabilitation usually happens after the treatment you would receive in hospital immediately after your accident and is there to help assess your continuing treatment needs, physiotherapy requirements and treatments.

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