Pleural Plaques compensation: everything you need to know

Claiming compensation for asbestos-related conditions can be complicated, which is why it’s vital that victims of asbestos exposure understand their rights, including when they can and can’t claim for compensation.

This is especially true of pleural plaques sufferers who may have received compensation in the past. However, if they have gone on to develop other conditions, they may be entitled to additional compensation and could face a further fight for justice.

Browell Smith & Co Solicitors has a long history of representing victims of asbestos exposure, including people with Pleural Plaques.

Here is what you need to know about Pleural Plaques:

What are Pleural Plaques?

Pleural Plaques are a distinct thickening of the lung membrane (the ‘pleura’). They do not actually cause any harm to the sufferer.

However, they are still a cause for concern: if a person has developed Pleural Plaques, then it indicates that they have been exposed to asbestos, and there is a greater chance that they could go on to develop something worse.

It is typical for someone with Pleural Plaques to go on to develop deadly diseases such as asbestos-related lung cancer or Mesothelioma. People who worked on the Tyneside shipyards are especially susceptible to asbestos-related diseases.

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Can you still claim compensation for Pleural Plaques?

You can no longer claim compensation for if you developed Pleural Plaques after asbestos exposure in England or Wales.

Because Pleural Plaques is a symptomless condition, the House of Lords ended people’s right to claim compensation in 2007. It is still possible to claim in Scotland, however.World Unicorn, built by Swan Hunter 1973

If you have made a pleural plaques claim in the past, you can still claim compensation if you develop a new condition

This is critical to understand and is something many people are unaware of. Thousands of people claimed for Pleural Plaques as part of a Government-funded compensation scheme in the past.

If they develop a different condition, such as asbestos-related lung cancer or Mesothelioma, then they can begin a new claim for compensation. The previous payout will not prevent that.

If you are one of the thousands of people who has previously received a payout for for Pleural Plaques, you may still be entitled to further compensation if you have developed a more serious condition further down the line.

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