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Funding Your Case

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At Browell Smith & Co it is very important to us that you understand how your case is to be funded. We want to provide clear and concise advice to all our clients from the outset, to enable you to make an informed and stress free decision.
All initial enquires will be assessed on a ‘No Win – No Fee’ basis without obligation.

Subject to merits we will advise you on the forms of funding available and what is best for YOU.

No Win, No Fee Agreement

A Conditional Fee Agreement, more commonly known as a ‘No Win- No Fee’ agreement, is the most popular method of funding a personal injury claim.

A ‘No Win- No Fee’ agreement is an arrangement between solicitor and client which means that if your compensation case is not successful we are not paid for the work undertaken and we will not look to you for our legal fees. In addition we shall arrange appropriate insurance cover to meet any expenses incurred on your behalf along with the other parties’ legal costs.

You can be reassured that there is no financial risk to you if you are unsuccessful.

If you win your case we are paid our basic legal costs, along with any expenses incurred, from the losing party. Any expenses that are not recoverable will be covered by insurance.

If you win we will look to you for our success fee. This can never be more than 25% of the compensation we recover.

Personal injury claims can also be funded by way of Legal Expenses Insurance or Trade Union Membership. We shall explore all funding options available to you before advising you as the most appropriate method.

We will explain the agreement to you and must satisfy ourselves that you have understood it and are happy to agree to the terms

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The Browell Smith & Co app is the perfect app to have on your phone in case you have been the victim of a personal injury.

  • Store your details
  • Store the accident details
  • Store the Witness details
  • Store 3rd party details
  • Take detailed images of the accident scene
  • Log the location using GPS feature
  • Send your accident to Browell Smith & Co
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