Former Blyth Power Station colleagues asked to help Northumberland asbestos victim

A Northumberland man who worked at Blyth Power Station in Northumberland, during its construction between 1961/62 until 1966 has appealed to his former colleagues for help after developing the asbestos-related condition Asbestosis.

The gentleman,  from Northumberland, has been diagnosed with Asbestosis, believed to have been caused by his exposure to asbestos whilst working for the construction company McAlpine, at the now-closed Blyth Power Station, in the early 1960’s.

Now former McAlpine and Blyth Power Station workers have been asked to come forward to help him bring a legal claim against his former employer.

His job involved work in and around the boiler house, where, employed as a labourer he would be required to mix asbestos paste for the laggers and deliver it around the plant to wherever the laggers were working.

He has turned to Asbestos Disease specialists at Browell Smith & Co Solicitors for help with a claim for compensation – but needs former colleagues to confirm that asbestos exposure took place in those working areas at that time.

Asbestos compensation claim

Dawn Bagley, asbestos specialist at Browell Smith & Co said: “Anybody who worked at McAlpine or other contractors or employees at Blyth Power Station, at that time, may be able to help, even if they cannot remember working with the client directly.

“We are trying to build a complete picture of working conditions at Blyth Power Station and are hoping for former workers to get in touch,” she added.

“It seems asbestos exposure was widespread at Blyth Power Station at the time, but we need confirmation from a third party. Our client says it was widely used and that at no point were these young men told of the dangers of asbestos or given appropriate safety equipment.”

Asbestosis diagnosis

Dawn said the diagnosis also came as a surprise: “Our client was diagnosed with Asbestosis many years after the initial exposure took place. Asbestos diseases can take a long time to develop after initial exposure, but this is an especially long time.

“He is aware that the disease cannot be cured, but we are hoping a successful legal claim will be able to offer a small amount of comfort.”

If you worked with McAlpine or at Blyth Power Station  or know someone who may be able to help, then you can contact the asbestos team at Browell Smith & Co on 0191 691 3416, or email Dawn Bagley direct at,  or request a callback via our contact page.’


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