Does marriage or divorce have an effect on your Will?

It is essential to consult with a solicitor or legal professional when a significant life event occurs to ensure your Will accurately reflects your wishes. Both the creation and ending of a marriage or civil partnership can have a serious effect on your Will.

The effect of Marriage & Civil Partnerships on your Will

In England and Wales, when someone marries or enters into a civil partnership, their Will is automatically revoked unless a specific clause is included to prevent the revocation. This means that if the individual does not make a new Will before they die the rules of intestacy will apply and the deceased’s estate may not be distributed as they wished.

The effect of ending a Marriage or Civil Partnership on your Will

Divorce or the dissolution or annulment of a marriage or civil partnership does not revoke a Will. However, your ex-spouse/ civil partner is treated as if they had pre-deceased you. This could mean your estate is not distributed in accordance with your wishes or invalidate any appointment of executors or trustees should you want your ex-spouse/civil partner to remain acting for the benefit of any children you have together.

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