Cancer Diagnosis Delays – Can I Make a Claim?

Cancer UK has identified that many cancer patients experienced a delay to their diagnosis that could have been avoided. With over 360,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed each year, it is estimated that in over 155,000 of these cases, there is an avoidable delay in reaching a diagnosis.

Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

The delay in cancer diagnosis can be a result of a GP failing to refer a patient to hospital for investigation, or a hospital can be at fault by failing to carry out appropriate tests, follow up test results or to correctly report x-rays and scans.

A delayed diagnosis of cancer can mean that a person’s prospects of recovery are reduced, or the treatment that they need is more extensive than if their condition had been recognised sooner.

Whether your illness has worsened due to incorrect treatment, or your GP has failed to refer you for further investigation – our combined expertise means you’re in good hands.

We have handled many cancer compensation claims and understand the added emotional strain of a late diagnosis.

Specialist Cancer Claims Laywers

If you have received a delayed cancer diagnosis or misdiagnosis, our specialist cancer claims lawyers can support you.

Our lawyers can help you…

  • Receive an explanation
  • Get an apology
  • Secure compensation


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