Average of £123,000 to be paid to victims of mesothelioma

Victims of asbestos-related disease mesothelioma are to receive an average of £123,000 compensation from a new fund.

A new £380 million allocation has been announced for patients of the aggressive cancer, or their families.

Victims diagnosed after July 2012 whose have been unable to make a claim due to their employers going bust or no insurance details will also be eligible to claim from the fund.

Particularly common amongst those who worked within the constructions, shipbuilding and power industries, mesothelioma can take decades to develop and around 2,000 people are currently diagnosed with the illness each year. Once the symptoms emerge, the disease can progress rapidly.

Previously payments for the illness did not generally exceed £20,000, however the new fund will provide a new framework, with payments of £115,000 to £123,000 expected.

For further information about asbestos-related disease compensation please click here or call 0800 107 3000.

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