Asbestos compensation for widow of ICI employee

The widow of a fitter who died of asbestos-related cancer has received an out-of-court settlement from his former employees.

Frederick Simpson, who worked for ICI, died in May 2009 after contracting lung cancer following exposure to asbestos at the firm’s Billingham oil plant, where he worked for 15 years.

After his death at the age of 85, Mr Simpson’s widow, Alma, launched a legal bid on the grounds that more should have been done to prevent her husband from inhaling the fibres. She was awarded a five-figure sum in the settlement.

Mrs Simpson told “Losing my Frederick to asbestos-related lung cancer was utterly devastating.

“My family and I just wanted find out the answers to questions that would bring justice for Frederick.

“The fact that the terrible illness was down to asbestos exposure and that the risks were actually known by employers is a very bitter pill to swallow indeed, as all Frederick wanted to do was work hard to support his family.

“Nothing will ever bring our Frederick back to us but now we have gained the answers we need and the justice my husband deserved.”

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