Accidents Involving Off-Road Motorcycles

Off-road motorcycles such as quad bikes are known to be fast and adrenaline-fuelled vehicles. However, these vehicles are known to be extremely dangerous and often fatal if involved in a road traffic accident.

Quad bikes weigh anything up to 500kg (half a ton) and can go at speeds of up to 75mph.

Whilst there are a number of ways in which a quad bike can be involved in an accident. Researchers have shown that the ‘rollover’ aspect is what can make this vehicle deathly. Rollover occurs as a result of the weight of the vehicle and how difficult it is to control. It results in the vehicle rolling over itself and often crushing the driver amongst other individuals who are in its path.

Pursuing a personal injury claim regarding a quad bike is possible, but the method of how this will be pursued will depend on whether the vehicle is insured or uninsured.

Whether the area involving the accident constitutes a road will depend on whether it is any place where members of the public are afforded a right of way on foot, riding or accompanied by livestock.

Insured Quad Bikes

Whilst most makes and models are not found suitable for road use, some are.

To find out whether the vehicle is insured/road safe it must have the following:

  1. Be registered with the DVLA;
  2. Have front and rear number plates; and
  3. Have a valid MOT certificate if more than 3 years old.

Drivers must also be over the age of 17 (or 16 if the vehicle is classed as a moped) and hold a valid driving license.

Insurance can be held through:

  1. Employers liability insurers- if the accident occurred at work;
  2. Third-party insurers- if the vehicle was privately owned and insured;
  3. Public liability insurers- if the vehicle was part of a recreational activity.

Therefore, if you were the driver or a pedestrian involved in the accident, you can possibly pursue a personal injury claim.

Uninsured Quad Bikes

In most instances however, the quad bike will be deemed not fit for road use.

If a vehicle is insured a personal injury claim can still potentially be pursued through the Motor Insurance Bureau.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident, please contact us on 0191 250 3200. We can discuss your accident and advise whether you have a potential personal injury claim.

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